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Urban Abstraction / Critic Text

Under the title “Urban Abstraction” are gathered twelve paintings, unpublished, of the artist Soraya Kerjani, made between 2011 and 2013.

The French artist, that uses sign her work with So.K, which has become a trademark in 2008, leaving, in her painting, an experience and, above all, a vision of perception lived whenever she was in a different place: from London to Tunis from Algiers to New York, from Paris to Barcelona, ​​these, and other places, are converted in pure experience of creation in which the gesture, the color and the lines become the decisive points on which is develops the aesthetic of So.K.

In front of the paintings of the artist we are witnessing of a alchemical meeting between graphic lines, that remind us to a clearly architectural structures, to a rapid and abstract painting, to points of light that seduce forming a balanced contrast with the urban plan created by the artist.

EPWORTH - 50x70
EPWORTH, 50×70 | oleo s/lienzo | año 2013
ESTIVELLA-  125x85
ESTIVELLA, 125×85 | oleo s/lienzo | año 2011

This “being” and “becoming” nomad, this continuum and endless journey, this search for a contact exclusively personal with the city, are vital in the artistic life of Soraya: Zanzibar, Epworth, Odisha, etc., are all cities impossible to recognize in this painting, abstract and almost evanescent, like that of So.K, but what matters most is how can we feel part of a freedom of interpretation that she uses in each urban situation in which she is located.

KUMAON-  86x80
KUMAON, 86×80 | oleo s/lienzo | año 2011
KUMAON, 86×80 | oleo s/lienzo | año 2011

From the experience of the artist are gifted geometric buildings, masses of color that move rapidly and, sometimes, are enclosed in spaces defined, interlacing of lines that envelop the viewer in a dense network.
But also there are gift those architectural details such as windows, doors, stairs, interiors of homes which can not escape a keen eye, curious, inclined, too, to new discoveries and solicitations.

ZANZIBAR, 40×80 | oleo s/lienzo | año 2013
VALPARAISO, 40×80 | oleo s/lienzo | año 2011

This is the urbe on which the artist investigates and constantly moves, from which she takes her cue and gifts emotions and visions, helping, perhaps, to create our own personal cartography.

Barbara Bacconi


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